In which I start a blog. This one, as it happens.

I'm Lauren Bravo. Graduate, pauper, symbol for our times. When I was 14, I started writing for The Worthing Herald, as the voice of the yoof. The middle class, south coast yoof. That was quite exciting.

Now, I am 21. I still have my newspaper column. I also have a degree, an overdue council tax bill, a mould farm in the bathroom grouting, a minimum wage job writing about public sector ICT usage, and an impending sense of doom.

Up till this point, my self-publicising habits haven't tended to stretch beyond a dancefloor. But now I've decided to get shameless, because I need employing, and this recession ain't big enough for the both of us*. I'm starting by uploading the last year's worth of columns in their pure, original, un-butchered-by-the-sub-eds form, plus a few other nuggets that I want to share with the world.

So here it is, my own little bedsit in cyberspace. Please visit. Bring your friends, family, pets and convenient senior editors at prestigious newspapers and magazines. Read, enjoy, debate, and then find me a career. I thank you.


*By 'both of us', I mean me in one corner of the ring, and the vicious, seething mass of every wannabe journalist in London in the other. Puns at the ready - I've been sharpening mine for seven years.