I'm Lauren Bravo.

I'm a writer, digital editor and prolific eater. I write about pop culture, fashion, beauty, food, TV, feminism and the internet, for people like The PoolThe Debrief, The Guardian, Refinery29 UK, Cosmopolitan, Positive NewsHomemade, The Evening StandardMarie Claire, LifehackerGadgetteMirror Online, Lifetime TV, Bluffer'sCompletely London, jamieoliver.com, and Time Out.

 I also write a weekly email newsletter, Schmancy, with my pal, fellow writer Daisy Buchanan. Sign up, won't you?

I've also worked extensively as a commercial copywriter, for the likes of River Cottage, The Flour Station, British Gas' The SourceBLOWOUT Ibiza, O2 Magazine, Sainsbury's and Tesco, on web copy, social media content and digital strategy. 

For 11 years from the age of 14 I was a weekly columnist for The Worthing Herald, which means there is barely an idea in the world I haven't considered, rejected, gone back to, stretched out into 500 words and used to confuse the good people of West Sussex.

If you'd like me to write anything for you, please drop me a line via the contact page or send a pigeon in the direction of north London.